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Journalism is not dead; its loyalties have just changed.

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Photo by: Harrison Davis

The old model of the unbiased journalist looking for a balanced story is vanishing.  If you have visions of having a notebook and a fedora with a press pass in the band and saying “just the facts ma’am” you will perish. The print media that has held on to this way and made ends meet by lowering wages and reducing staff are clinging to life. Want to make a living?  You can work for a company and project a brands perspective.  It is not advertising its brand journalism.  It is reporting on the world as the brand sees it. To do this you must entertain or inform, you must acknowledge your brand association but not just write about the brand. It is not just print media but you tube, Blogs, websites and an ever-changing sea of social media.  You are creating and spreading the news. CAA does a good job of this.  They are not just rescuers when your car will not start on a snowy night.  It is all about taking the stress out of travel.  They have a magazine with glossy pictures of destinations, car care tips on their website, an app for your phone or iPad that can tell you where to get the cheapest gas.  I feel confident to travel because CAA has my back. My goal is to do brand journalism for the Green housing industry.  Not just for the rich but ordinary people living in homes that use less energy, are healthier to live in and produce less waste over their lifetime. As readers, we have to think about the motives of the writer . Even the news media is a brand.  People get their news from places like John Stewart and Fox News.  The view and associations of the brand bias it all.

Author: greenislandwave

After 25 years in the RCAF I am going to Loyalist College and studying architecture and public relations. I have spent many years and reading and researching about healthier, green living and I would like to see it become mainstream.

One thought on “Journalism is not dead; its loyalties have just changed.

  1. I don’t see the demise of traditional journalism any time soon. Rather, I feel that Brand Journalism is another tool in the media’s toolkit. There is a time and place for the traditional and for new media as well. The reader needs to educate themselves and take responsibility for researching what they are reading and picking up on the signals brand journalism gives off.


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